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There is no other Functional Training Studio / Gym like this.

Fitillion is the world’s first personalised group training gym and home fitness app. Fitillion has reinvented and personalised group training. Our intelligent gym smart system customises both home training and gym workouts to suit each individual’s long term fitness goal and skill level. Beyond that we personalise the entire journey, from workouts to nutrition to tracking.

The Fitillion gym experience is like no other on earth. Powered by our clever gym smart system displays, our members are guided through 28 or 48 minutes of kickass sound, lighting and energy across a circuit of 20 dynamic training zones. Our friendly instructors guide and motivate participants to get that group training feeling, but in a completely customised and goal orientated way set by the individual.

You can train next to your friend, family member or partner however do a completely different workout. Example. One could be doing weights and one could be doing Cardio.