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About Company

BFT Carlton is one of the now 250 BFT Franchises worldwide. We offer group training, that is structured in a series of either 8 or 9 week training blocks, all training blocks are programmed in a scientific periodised fashion by elite S&C coaches.

Each training block incorporates a balance of our 9 of our 13 training session styles, with these sessions being a mixture of both resistance and cardio based modalities.

BFT Carlton is unique in it is owned and run by two Allied Health professionals. Reece is a physiotherapist and Masters Qualified S&C coach and Nick is an Occupational Therapist, so we offer a deeper layer of understanding to health and well-being than your average gym owner.

At BFT Carlton we pride ourselves on being people focussed, our members aren’t just members, they are all unique individual people, with their own goals, who we are lucky to have as part of our community.