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About Company

Company values

We are looking for someone who lives out our values in and outside of the gym.


Better every day

Just like your clients, you are actively looking at how you can improve your skill set and knowledge base. Complacency is not in your nature.


Considered Action 

When something needs to be done you don’t just talk about it, you weigh up the options, seek advice and take action! The only thing worse than the wrong decision is indecision.


In it for the long haul

Just like gains in the gym, success doesn’t happen overnight. You’re able to think long term and build a brighter future for tomorrow by developing a solid foundation today.


Enjoy the process

The path to success involves hard work, discipline and follow through. Above all, it requires that you actually enjoy your work. Our dream job involves hanging out at the gym, wearing trackie pants all day and helping people level up their fitness.