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We are currently on the look out for a personal trainer to join our fast expanding team in the Brisbane City region. Regardless of if you are straight out of the academy or have been qualified for a period of time, we accept anyone who has a passion and drive for fitness and wanting to improve another’s lifestyle.

We do a great deal of training to teach you to become a successful trainer in this industry. We give you all the skills and knowledge to be a confident personal trainer.

We are looking for someone with the skills of being able to work well in a team environment, someone who is approachable with quality people skills and someone that is willing to express their passion of fitness through their presence.

Currently, we are operating our personal training company out of three renowned gyms in the Newcastle and Hunter region as well as two clubs in the heart of Brisbane City.

The advantages of joining out team as opposed too starting solo, is we allow you to operate as a subcontractor and grow and develop your own brand in personal training. We give you 100% support in paying your weekly club rent and do all the sales for you to fill your books as efficiently as possible.

We currently have a starting number for 20 clients who are ready to meet their new personal trainer in one of our Brisbane City clubs.

We would love to have the conversation with you to discuss your opportunities with our business.