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About Company

Established in 2018, The Barn Martial Arts & Fitness is a dynamic family owned and operated martial arts & fitness temple that is also referred to as ‘Balcatta’s best kept secret’!

With a variety of group classes, PT sessions and autonomous strength training sessions on offer 7 days a week, there really is nowhere else like it!

Our ultimate dream is to provide a friendly and welcoming environment with a sense of belonging for all likeminded people, regardless of age or fitness level, bringing everyone together to create a safe space to learn, connect, inspire and to thrive!

We want everyone to leave here feeling physically and mentally stronger than they did when they walked in. We are community that pushes each other to achieve goals and have a laugh along the way.

Run by our very own Wes Capper, a well-rounded professional fighter who has been awarded State, National and International Titles in both Boxing and Kickboxing. With almost 20 years of his own experience in the ring, an impressive international fight resume, and an unquestionable passion for all things Martial Arts these have been the founding ingredients to open a facility where Wes has the ability to pass on his skills and knowledge in all things Boxing & Kickboxing / Muay Thai.