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You could say “Karen was born to ride!”  Growing up in Country Victoria, cycling was a way of daily life that soon turned into a passion.  Karen was a very successful, competitive athlete in most pursuits.  That dedication and commitment to a fitter and healthier life brought her into the wonderful world of Fitness and Spinning®. “The very first time I stepped onto a Spinner® bike, I knew that I had to become an Instructor!”


The Spinning program’s simplicity weaved with sound routes in performance and outdoor riding ensures its continued appeal to every rider.   Karen’s authentic and honest approach to delivering the best possible class and experience for all riders brings a constant flow of that incredibly rich, eclectic mix of people into her life,  from semi-professional cyclists and triathletes, to endorphin seeking enthusiasts, to gym newbies feeling so out of their depth!  “Without them there would be no me!”  Karen strives to contribute to each and every rider’s personal growth as they empower themselves to become a more positive, powerful version of themselves.


There have been many highs over the years through her participation and Coaching in the sport of Triathlon.  The biggest accomplishment was competing in her first Ironman in 2015.  Subsequently she has  achieveded many podiums in shorter distances triathlons over the years.  However, her true passion is in Spinning, and she is extremely honoured to be a Master Instructor and Australias Spinning Training Co-ordiantor.   Her source of inspiration as a Master Instructor is to positively influence other Instructors and assist them along their journey.  The Spinning program is the perfect platform to pay it forward.  People come to you looking for ‘that something’ they fear they are missing in their lives.  Spinning opens that lock to what’s truly been inside them all along!