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About Company

About Company

I Created Orion Performance Coaching in 2019 and I have found success in the fitness industry no matter where I have been based- running my business successfully out of 3 separate gyms all fixated in high-traffic and competitive areas much like Melrose.

Melrose Park and surrounding areas can be a challenging demographic to be able to run a successful fitness business out of this being the trend for the entire fitness industry- Especially if you are not properly educated on how to create and maintain a successful business.

Our Vision:

With the continual growth of OPC being eminent, My focus has shifted to the education and support of PTs to be able to run successful fitness businesses, no matter where they are based!

With the huge number of people getting qualified and pushed through short courses every year, the fitness industry is inundated with trainers that are lacking in professional readiness. The essential business and technical skills that are critical to succeeding simply cannot be taught in an eight-week crash course.

This is reflected in the large drop rate in the first twelve months with some reports suggesting a staggering 90% dropout rate.

Clearly, Trainers are not getting the skills they need to really succeed in the industry.

I will carefully select and hire certified personal trainers who possess the necessary expertise, experience, and professionalism to uphold the gyms standard and meet the diverse needs of our members, all of whom I will support, nurture and educate to be standout fitness professionals growing their business and have extremely positives outcomes. I will provide everything that any fitness professional needs to create and maintain a successful fitness business.