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We need fitness professionals who are passionate about providing clients with the best possible advice, support and accountability, who are open to ongoing personal development and new ideas to help make them the best coach they can be.

We are consistently on the lookout for up and coming fitness trainers with a client-first attitude and a thriving determination to relentlessly pursue excellence.

Recalibrate is more than a gym or studio.

We are a community determined to treat people as people and not a condition or membership number.

And because of that, working with Recalibrate means a few things.

It means secure employment for our coaches, complete with paid leave, superannuation, no rent and – best of all – no in-fighting over who gets the next lead.

It means ongoing time and energy invested in the development of our coaches.

Why is this important for us?

Because at Recalibrate, our mission is to provide our clients with first-in-class fitness and health coaching services.

And we know from over 17 years of experience on the frontlines of the industry that it is hard to put the client first when you have to worry about covering the rent, competing with other trainers in your gym for leads, as well as all the stresses and headaches that come from running and marketing your own business.

We know that there are coaches out there that are bursting to give people a better, more personalised service.

They just need a business they can call home with the right environment to help them be the best they can be, and the security and time required to get to know and understand their clients and deliver a truly personalised service.