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Welcome to XTEND – the X factor high performance workout that will transform your body, and your world. Combining the principles of Pilates with the dynamics and exhilaration of dance, XTEND will open, strengthen and tone your total body, refresh your mind, and release your soul.

Created by star performance artist, Andrea Rogers for everyday high performers, XTEND’s high-intensity, low risk and feel good formula keeps your body’n soul performing to the max – making you feel strong, energised, and ready for anything.

More than a workout, XTEND opens up a world of life-changing experience and fun. Inspiring personal instruction, motivating music, a premium studio space to play in and a close troupe of fellow XTENDers to share the indescribable ‘high’ of doing ‘The High Performance Workout’ together, every day.

It’s the workout that will change your world.