Personal Trainer – Group Training Specialist at LTYB

March 25, 2024
Application ends: April 30, 2024
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Job Description

Job Overview: As a Trainer specialising in Group Personal Training within our Fitness Franchise, you will play a pivotal role in leading dynamic fitness sessions that cater to the individual needs and goals of participants. Your expertise in fostering a motivating environment and delivering personalised attention will be essential in creating an outstanding fitness experience for our members.

Key Responsibilities:

Program Implementation:Follow LTYB group workout programs provided by LTYBHQ that align with participants’ fitness levels, goals, and any specific needs.
Each zone has Level 1 and 2 exercises, you use your expertise to decide the level of the participant. A simple example is Client A has just started and will do a level 2 body weight squat and Client B who has been a member for 2 years+ will perform a back squat in the same session. The programs ensure we don’t double up exercises as we have 192 drills per week which change monthly and Bi-Weekly. This guarantees results if the member performs 3+ sessions weekly, less injuries, a unified team approach and consistent progression.
Ensure every member is performing every movement with perfect form which will increase performance, decrease the risk of injury and increase studio retention due to better results, more precise coaching and education. This is all part of offering a premium service versus competitors who often bulk Group Fitness or DIY gym memberships.
Group Training Leadership:Lead group training sessions with enthusiasm, energy, and professionalism.
Provide clear instructions on proper exercise form and techniques to ensure participants’ safety and effectiveness.
Adapt workouts where required based on participants’ capabilities and rehabilitation needs.
Personalised Attention:Offer individualised modifications and adjustments to cater to different fitness levels and any existing physical limitations.
Monitor participants’ progress, track achievements and offer encouragement and support to maintain motivation.
Motivational Atmosphere:Create a positive and motivating environment that fosters camaraderie among participants. Team people up together on zones which build community whilst not creating a competitive environment.
Utilise effective communication and leadership skills to inspire participants to reach their fitness goals.
Introduce new members to as many brand ambassadors as possible.
Share member achievements with consent.
Member Engagement:Build strong relationships with participants, learning about their fitness journeys and goals. We want to understand exactly why our members train and communicate accordingly.
Address questions, concerns, and provide fitness related advice to create a sense of community and trust.
Equipment and Facility Management:Maintain a clean and organised workout area, ensuring all equipment is properly set up and safe to use.
Report any maintenance issues promptly to ensure a safe and comfortable training environment.

Certifications: Possess a nationally recognised personal training certification. Certificate 3 is approved in the LTYB model.
Experience: Demonstrated experience leading group fitness sessions and adapting workouts to various fitness levels. (LTYB also accept Green trainers knowing our Staff induction program is very structured to develop).
Expertise: Strong understanding of exercise physiology, proper form and training principles.
Communication Skills: Excellent verbal communication skills to effectively lead and motivate groups.
Interpersonal Skills: Ability to connect with individuals, provide guidance, and offer encouragement.
Passion: Genuine enthusiasm for fitness, health and helping others achieve their goals. Any trainer must train at consistent high levels and be a role model. Whether we like it or not, the trainer must be a leader and part of that is being self-motivated to train consistently, eat well and adopt healthy habits/lifestyle.
Flexibility: Willingness to adapt to the evolving needs of participants and the franchise.
Professionalism: Maintain a professional demeanour, appearance and punctuality.

Competitive wage with incentives based on performance.
Opportunity for growth within a well-established fitness franchise, this includes managing a LTYB Studio or owning and operating your own LTYB studio if approved.
Access to ongoing training and professional development.
Contributing to a positive impact on participants’ lives and overall community health.
Join our Fitness Franchise Team as a Personal Trainer specialising in Group Training and make a lasting impact on the fitness journey of our members. Apply your expertise, creativity and passion to deliver exceptional workouts tailored to the individual and contribute to the success of our fitness community.