New Personal Trainer Needed

March 7, 2023

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Job Description

I’m at the point where I currently need to scale my business, and the option I would like to explore would be bringing in another PT to train underneath me that I could begin to pass some of my leads to.

This opportunity would be ideal for anyone that is looking for:
– 8 week rent-free period (potentially more if they are struggling to convert consults into sessions)
– 3-5x 45 minute weekly sessions (paid) to get yourself started (potentially more if you are a good fit)
– Sales & Marketing Assistance
– Consult & Conversion Lessons (how to structure a consult and how to ask questions that will dig into client’s deeper goals)
– How to pre-qualify leads that will lead to a better conversion rate
– A lower risk opportunity to get started in the industry
– An opportunity in June & August-November to pick up 50-80% of my existing sessions as I’m going overseas
– Help with Canva & Social Media, Ebooks, Additional Resources, Programming and Lifestyle Coaching

Ideally I’m looking for a Male aged 20-30; as we already have 2x female PT’s at the gym, who are also at capacity with their sessions, so there’s the added opportunity of potentially picking up some of their leads & extra sessions as well.

I’m looking for someone:
Enthusiastic, ready to learn, that can commit to at least 5 sessions per week once they get the ball rolling, & someone looking for some guidance to start out on their Personal Training journey.